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My next post was going to be an account of a rather challenging walk on Dartmoor, however, early on I realised my existing legend would not be up to the job. This is because it was a walk with my sometime walking companion/torturer, The Outward Bounder – The Bounder for convenience.

The Bounder is a frustrated commando. I want to say Scout Leader, but The Bounder’s idea of being prepared is to put on a hat and pack a couple of Bountys in case of ‘low blood sugar’. He has lost and almost killed his children many times over the course of the years they’ve been forced to walk with him. Now they’re old enough to refuse, I have become his trusty sidekick / masochist. Oh, the laughs we’ve had.

In his favour; he is a bold and (stupidly) fearless adventurer, he knows some great places, and he’s good at scaring away cows with a big stick. On the minus side…well, I’ll let the maps tell the story.