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Falmouth map 1
Sometimes, when the muse deserts me and I’m feeling too conscientious to watch a box set, but not conscientious enough to put pen to paper, I go for a walk.

In Devon I usually head for the moors and stride forth. I stop, only to marvel at nature, like a non-consumptive, but rather self-conscious Romantic poet. When I’m in a throbbing metropolis, such as Barcelona or Falmouth, my walks tend to be cafecentric. The map above details my typical route, when searching for inspiration or food.*

Espressini is usually my first stop. I was initially tempted in by the blackboard standing outside, which reads ‘Revolutions are started in coffee houses’. Although I haven’t actually started any revolutions yet, I usually leave there feeling quite agitated as the coffee is VERY GOOD. It has the atmosphere of the kind of Parisienne cafe where Joyce, Beckett or Picasso might have hung out. I wish it were called something like Cafe Rue de Poissy, but that might be confusing and sound a bit pretentious. On a good day, a trip here is all I need and I buzz straight back to the garret to begin another literary masterpiece.

Sometimes I deliberately make sure I’m going to run out of food. This means I’m forced to go out for Breakfast. Breakfast is the name for a type of meal, and has no real relationship to time of day. If I need Breakfast I go to De Wynns. It’s a bit ‘Ye Olde’, but very friendly and the Veggie Breakfast, though understated, is perfection. I rarely do any work or thinking here, although I do read the paper and listen to the conversations of others, which probably counts as research.

I’m not a lady who lunches, but I accidently managed to have lunch at the Courtyard Deli once. I went for coffee, but was powerless against the charms of the menu, which flaunted itself at me shamelessly. I ate Cauliflower and Cumin Fritters, which were heavenly. I like the light, airy upstairs room and sat in a bay window table, feeling a bit a bit like a captain on a (ship’s) bridge.

On route to the distraction of food, I sometimes visit Boots. I can spend quite a lot of time looking for a beauty product that will just make me beautiful. I usually leave empty handed, but with my face streaked different shades of biege and the nails on one hand messily daubed. Come on Boots! I would expect an outfit selling products that claim to reverse time, to be able to produce a lipstick that isn’t too pinky, orangey or browny.

If I’m really stuck, cross or bored I go to Gylly Beach Cafe. This involves setting off in a different direction and the walk itself is rather dull. This is a good thing as no distractions equal more thinking time. I have to make sure I’m not completely lost in thought as the route does involve crossing a busy road. The Gylly Beach scores many points for its proximity to the sea. Sitting on the deck is usually bracing but never fails to inspire. I love watching the sea, whatever its mood and looking out to the horizon I can’t help but imagine the stories that might begin, here on the shore.

Further suggestions for places to sit and dream are welcome. I’m a creature of habit, but have only just begun to explore Falmouth.

*I’m describing these places in terms of how I use them, not trying to cover everything they offer. I have included a link for further information, but I’m not an advert. I need to preserve the integrity of this blog and would really hate it if I got showered with free stuff just for mentioning them. Yes, I would really hate that.