“Research shows that men are better at map reading than women”

This kind of headline only confirms what I have long thought; the wrong kind of maps are being produced. I aim to rectify this by providing a series of maps for women, dyspraxics and fantasists. I must come clean at this point and confess that I have no actual training or certification in cartography. My fine art skills could be described as ‘developing’, though it may be kinder not to describe them.

However, I see no reason why these minor dips in my skillset should stop me from re-visioning the world for a new kind of human.

Some might say, ‘What use are these maps? They bear no relation to reality.’ This fact has not stopped the Ordinance Survey people pretty much cornering the market. Journeys are made by people, through places. Maps are the result of certain understandings of places and their relationship to each other.

My maps may not help you get from A to B (again, I refer you to OS maps), but they will often feature coffee or wine and they will always have a tale to tell.

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